Handheld AM/FM/Weather Band NOAA Weather Radio

Model: 810-805
Manual: application/pdf icon Owner's Manual

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The La Crosse™ handheld NOAA weather radio helps you stay aware of weather events while at home or on the go. Portable size is great for camping, hiking or boating. Listen to your choice of 7 different weather band channels for up-to-the-minute weather information and alerts or AM/FM radio. The radio also features an integrated LED flashlight for your convenience.

AM/FM/WB NOAA Weather Radio with Hand Crank, LED Flashlight and USB Charging

Model: 810-106
Manual: application/pdf icon Owner's Manual

Severe weather events in North America are more frequent than ever, affecting millions of Americans and causing untold billions in damages. The La Crosse® 810-106 is an industry leading, full-featured digital AM/FM/NOAA hand-crank weather radio with a high-intensity LED flashlight. It provides the fastest access to emergency information and charges cell phones during power outages.

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